Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wasting time is truly an art

I didn't realize how much having my husband around on the weekend keeps me moving and doing until these last two when he's been out of town. When he's around, wasting time or uh, relaxing, happens more in chunks of time rather than all day. Because there is stuff to do and places to go and things to get done. And most of the time, that's is a good thing. There is stuff to do and places to go and things to get done.

Last weekend without him here--I was busy cleaning, getting oodles and oodles of clothes together for Goodwill, mopping (I hate that), laundry, etc. But then I got done. This weekend, there was a few things to do, but nothing that took time. So for two days in a row, I stayed in my flannel pj's all morning and did not take a shower until noon. I felt like a rebellious college student. I slacked off and let Z play the wii waaay longer than he should have. We did get out for awhile on Saturday afternoon but only because I forced myself to get in the car and enjoy the sunshine for one more day before fall hits with a vengence. Today though, I couldn't get myself to leave the house.

See, as my husband knows best, I am a homebody.

Yes, the people at work might be surprised at that statement, since I am very social in their presence. Most of them would describe me as opinionated and loud. My laugh tends to carry out of my office and several times a week, people will shut the door to make me go away.

But, home is where my heart is. As a child I was painfully shy. I remember cringing when people would talk to me and never believing that I would be able to carry on an adult conversation. So even though the outside persona can now carry on with the best of them, my inside persona can't wait until I get in the car to drive home. To retreat and sit and reserve my opinions for another day. I guess there is still a bit of that little girl in me after all these years.

In a few weeks, we'll all be home at the same time on the weekend and I'm sure you'll find me around town, happily (or not) gallavanting around on errands with my husband and son in tow. There will be stuff to do and places to go and things to get done. But the day will end on the perfect note when I can finally sit at home with my tea in hand...wasting time.