Monday, April 20, 2009

I recently discovered Kal Barteski's blog and art ( I am in love. She is a mom of two and an amazing artist. I love her philosophy of life and the energy that she brings to her days. If you read her blog, you will see very quickly how every day has a plan. Every day has a goal.

I was frustrated at myself today for my lack of energy and motivation. It could have been because of the weather--I got a mini sunburn on Saturday and then today it turned very cold and rainy. It might snow tomorrow and Wednesday!

Today was also Dan's first day at his new contract job. He will be living in Flushing, Michigan for five days and then be home on the weekends--for 4-6 weeks. I am so proud of him, but know that this job might not be truly where his heart is leading him. He wants money coming in and this will help. It may work into a full-time job where he can work from home most of the time and for that opportunity, we are grateful.

It definitely made me feel melancholy today.

There is a lot that Zach and I will need to re-establish as we manuever this world of "just us" for awhile. Today in true Kal Barteski style, I wrote my To Do list for this evening. And I am proud to say that I did most of it! I even exercised inside on the eliptical machine--what a concept. :-) And blogging...and changing the sheets on my bed...and a load of laundry (got 2 done!)...and fixed the garage door (stuck on manual when we lost power overnight)...and fixed the internet that was down...and exercised. Oh, yeah, I mentioned that but I am very proud of myself. YAY!

And like a good mom with a pre-teen, I took away Zach's Nintendo DS when he kept telling me "no" for something. Gotta start out the week on the right foot and reminding him of the rules will help me stand my ground, making life smoother later. Sigh.

Okay, I didn't want to go to bed late on the first night of the week, but well, I am.

Tomorrow--new day, new mood. Go!