Saturday, January 17, 2009

It's About Life

I was going to post about something completely different this morning, but instead I need to write about life. I found out yesterday that a friend of mine, Ann Baker, had been involved in a very serious car accident. She is now in ICU with a head injury and all kinds of machines hooked up to her waiting through the first three days to see the extent of her trauma. I have worked with her husband, Dan, for probably over a decade now and he's become a great friend. They have two autistic children who require tons of extra special care.

Oddly enough, I had received Ann's (belated) Christmas card letter earlier this week in which she shared her journey over the last two years of dealing with the diagnosis of autism, depression, quitting her job and moving to a new house. But in the end, she had such joy. God had brought her through a season in which she learned to trust him more and learned to feel his presence in a new way. In fact the family photo enclosed was an imperfect one, but one that fully represents their life right now...Dan with a funny look on his face, Adam running out of the photo, Ingrid not looking at the camera and her nightgown askew, and Ann with her head thrown back laughing at it all.

That photo and letter had been on my mind all week even before news of her accident. How often in our lives do things shove their way in that we don't want and never asked for in life? What is our reaction? Do we take it all in and accept it or do we move through it kicking and screaming? In this case, I feel like kicking and screaming, but somehow I know that in the midst of those times in our lives, God understands.

I cannot stop thinking and praying of this precious family. I fully believe in the power of prayer and know that there are hundreds of people lifting Ann up before their God.

But it breaks my heart...

A young mom should be home with her babies and the love of her life. Not in a cold hospital room waiting for a miracle.