Friday, August 3, 2012

Here--Five Minute Friday @thegypsymama

Here where the pine trees begin at the edge of the yard, I see green and I sigh. The birds tweet and the dog sniffs beside me. I am content in this place. The sky is blissfully blue above my head and I cannot see a cloud. I wonder.

Here is the place of my heart. It beats with the rythm of the three people who live here, the dogs (both former and current), the echos of the past that are around me. I feel it comfort me with a quiet that I long for when I am away.

Here I know that I am loved. I know that I am accepted. I know that whatever happens will be okay. Arms surround me in comfort for all that is past and yet the future is there, too. They speak my language.

Here are memories of a distant time with pieces of them sitting on shelves and in cupboards. I long for the realness of them. But they are glass and china and pretend. And yet, by seeing these glimpses of them, I know that they are Here.